Skin Cancer Surgery at Skinspots

We are equipped to undertake any skin surgery that does not require a general anaesthetic. Our staff are highly trained and qualified to undertake the wide variety of skin cancer procedures needed to excise skin cancers and reconstruct the resulting defect.


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We are equipped to undertake any skin surgery that does not require a general anaesthetic. Surgery is undertaken by doctors who have undergone extensive postgraduate training, specifically in the management of skin cancer. We also have a plastic surgeon on our staff who can undertake more advanced procedures. If required, these can be done under general anaesthesia at Grace Hospital. In some areas of the skin and with certain aggressive cancers, it is imperative to make sure that the cancer is completely removed the first time. If indicated, we undertake full margin, histologically guided surgery. A qualified pathologist first examines the specimen for this procedure using standard or specific tissue staining techniques. During this process, 100% of all circumferential margins are examined by the pathologist. This allows for further excision if needed or closure of the wound, knowing that cancer has been completely removed. We follow up with all patients until wounds have satisfactorily healed. We aim to ensure the safest and most appropriate surgical care for each patient in the kindest and friendliest way possible. This is done in a timely fashion without long waiting lists. If you have any questions regarding undergoing surgery at Skinspots, please feel free to call us to discuss your questions.

We provide day-to-day skin cancer care, diagnosis and treatment, education, counselling, disease prevention and screening in our community.

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