Our partnership with MoleMap

Skinspots is excited to have recently partnered with leading skin cancer detection specialists, MoleMap.

MoleMap has over 300,000 patients across New Zealand and Australia, and in mid-2022, began offering skin cancer treatment in addition to its comprehensive diagnosis service.

By partnering with key dermatology and GP-led clinics who specialise in the treatment of skin cancer, MoleMap aims to reduce the time between diagnosis and treatment for newly diagnosed skin cancer patients. Skin Spots is proud to be MoleMap’s first treatment partner in New Zealand!


About Molemap

MoleMap was founded nearly 25 years ago by a group of dermatologists, with the goal of detecting melanoma earlier and more accurately. Today, it has more than 50 locations throughout New Zealand and another 40 clinics in Australia.

MoleMap’s proven system combines head-to-toe skin mapping by trained Melanographers, with expert diagnosis of any suspicious moles by Dermatologists.


Clients can choose from a range of options – from a basic Skin Check through to the popular Full Body MoleMap, which includes full body photography, precision mole-mapping and monitoring. MoleMap also offers workplace skin checks and education.

We provide day-to-day skin cancer care, diagnosis and treatment, education, counselling, disease prevention and screening in our community.

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