Skin Cancer Prevention, Detection, Treatment

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Skin Check
Topical Treatment
Skin Check

All practitioners at Skinspots hold a minimum of an advanced diploma in dermoscopy before qualifying to undertake a skin check.

Topical Treatment

At Skinspots our team provide you with education and support through your Topical treatment journey.


We are equipped to undertake any skin surgery that does not require a general anaesthetic.

We help prevent skin cancer by being active in our community, providing education and live UV index readings online and on local radio stations.

We provide Skin Spot checks and full body skin checks at our clinic and multiple GP practices in the Bay of plenty.

We provide medical/topical skin cancer treatment where appropriate. We also provide a wide spectrum of surgical interventions.

We are well known for our high standard of care and strive to provide the best care and support in all our services.

We provide day-to-day skin cancer care, diagnosis and treatment, education, counselling, disease prevention and screening in our community.

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