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Choosing who should do your Skin Cancer Check.

Skin Cancer College Accredited Doctors

Doctors spend a long time at university and we all expect that this training is sufficient to do a proper job.

In most cases this is true, but as far as skin cancer checks are concerned it is not true for everyone. Medical students receive between 2 hours over 2 days of skin cancer training in their study career. Most of their curriculum was designed before the advent of routine use of Dermoscopy. A dermatoscope is what is used for dermoscopic examination of skin cancer.

Very few health professionals including specialists have undergone formal training in the use of a dermatoscope. If they did, they could increase their ability to pick up cancers by at least 30%. More importantly, they would be able to diagnose cancers earlier when these malignancies are still treatable.

At Skinspots, we have invested heavily in training our health professionals. There are doctors and nurses who hold a certificate in dermoscopy followed by a diploma in dermoscopy or higher qualification. The nurses undergo the same training and exams as doctors do. The training is tough and followed by working with more experienced colleagues until each person is qualified and experienced enough to undertake individual skin checks for patients. We function closely as a team and this means that 2nd opinions if needed could be asked for during the same consult.

At Skinspots, we aim to bring you, the best skin cancer checks possible.

We provide day-to-day skin cancer care, diagnosis and treatment, education, counselling, disease prevention and screening in our community.

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